Sustainable Food Security for Everyone!

A network of Cold-Chain Logistics is essential for clean, fresh & efficient propogation of the fresh produce from the farm to the doorstep of the consumer. We identified this very early on and set out an action plan, which is going to be sustainable and carbon-neutral in the soon coming years.

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Farmicle started as an initiative in mid-2020, amidst the pandemic crisis, although the concept was already drafted in 2016. The journey that took more nearly 4 years to establish was a learning curve for everyone in the team. The zeal to bring food from the farm to your door-step, with the primary vision of sustainable practices established both for growing the produce and at setting up a robust logistics system is always a challenging task. Given the geographical, topological & cultural diversity in the farming community of our country, bringing them under one umbrella is not an easy task by itself. With persistence efforts and never giving-up on the spirit of humanity has brought us here today, where we are at and we are proud of it. We only wish to grow on with more enthusiasm and vigour to become better and more worthy to the world we all live in.

Sustainability Mindset For A Better Future

Any path that we tread upon, if not considered for the consequences could turn into a irrepairable disastor for the environment we interacted with. Sustenance is all about right alignment with the nature. Our venture started with this very mindset, more than 2 decades back.

Analyse, Design, Engineer, Procure & Construct

Having in house capabilities to Design, Engineer, Procure, Contruct, Maintain & also provide Upgrades to the solutions, is what that seperates us from the rest of the competition. A one stop solution is always better when handling complex / large scale projects.

Research, Develop, Maintain, Upgrade, Re-purpose, & Recycle

After decades of work, learning, experience and the valuable knowledge we gained so far, it was essential to put them to good use with more added features & functionalities. Future is made with such capabilities, history is the proof. A full cycle of a product/service is key for sustenance.

Our Projects

We proudly showcase the projects that we delivered for our prestigious clients, along with some on-going project details.

What our clients say

Here are a few words what our clients say about us, and our work.

I was one of their very first few clients from 2013, and the workmanship is extra-ordinary. CCTV installed by him at our home and offices, both are still working without any problems.

Venkata Reddy

Venkata Reddy

Realtor, Agriculturist

Team members are very proficient at their work and know what they are doing. All we need to do is take due note of the advice from them and facilitate them the clearances. Very easy to work with this team.

Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal

Admin & Operations Manager, PSIT

Working with Ashok & his colleagues at Farmicle is a pleasant experience, everytime. That is because, I can rest assured the job will be done right.

Narahari Rao

Narahari Rao

Manager - New Business Projects, IBM India

I still remember, one random day Ashok showed up at our food processing factory and he just explained about Solar. I was totally impressed, however took one year to finalise the project. His confidence and expertise is very recommendable.

Dhiraj Jain

Dhiraj Jain

Food Industrialist

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